Intensive Transformation Retreat


The  Intensive Transformation Experience is for the person who is ready for deep transformative change. Have you ever wished that you could have an expert with you, who could help you to make the transformations and changes you want to make – free from the distractions and interruptions of your daily life? This is your chance for the Ultimate Personalised One-to-One Intensive Coaching experience, in luxury accommodation and exquisite surroundings!


If you’re fed up with trying to make it on your own; if you’ve tried everything to improve your life and transform your challenges, but are still not where you want to be; if you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to really create lasting, significant changes in a short amount of time, this opportunity has been created with you in mind.

What is an Intensive Transformation Experience?

Receiving sessions with a Certified Practitioner can be very helpful; receiving sessions from a Master Practitioner can be even more effective. However, having a Master Practitioner at your service throughout the day for three full days is the ultimate in life-changing experiences.

Deirdre Maguire is a go to expert, working with hundreds of people, helping them to transform challenges in all areas of life. From health conditions, physical ailments, and emotional issues to relationship challenges, grief, and career blocks; from drug, alcohol, and other addictions to weight loss – Deirdre has extensive

experience in helping her clients achieve remarkable results in private sessions. Imagine what three days with her could do for you!

As Deirdre’s guest, you will be welcomed into her home – a beautiful house in the Irish countryside, at the foot of the stunning Mourne mountains beside the sea. With your own luxury suite, you will have plenty of privacy and rejuvenating sleep when you need it; and for the rest of your time with Deirdre you will have access to her unique and unparalleled skills and insights – to resolve the challenges you are facing in any area of your life, and to begin to create the life you really want.

Deirdre will guide you through your transformation, offering unconditional support and compassion, with as many sessions as you need over the three days. Enjoy spending time with one of FasterEFT’s most experienced and most skilled practitioners.

Deirdre is warm, caring and open by nature, and she will make you feel comfortable and at home as you go through the transformations that will result in your creating the quality of life you are dreaming of.

What’s Included in Your Intensive Transformational Experience?

Since the entire three-day experience is all about you, it will be planned and catered specifically to your particular needs. You will receive Deirdre’s full attention and guidance for three days. With her extensive experience in all areas of self-transformation, and having achieved incredible transformation in her own life, Deirdre is the perfect person to support and guide you through your own journey to freedom.

* A bespoke itinerary, catered specifically to help you with your unique situation and challenges – to make sure you get the transformation you desire.

* Full support, wisdom, and compassionate guidance from Mind Wellness Expert and Master Practitioner, Deirdre for the full three days

* One-to-one sessions with Deirdre.

* Accommodation in a luxury suite in Deirdre’s home in the Irish countryside – with breath-taking views and relaxing surroundings

* All meals and refreshments are included. Be sure to mention any dietary restrictions in your booking enquiry.

* A visit with Deirdre to her exclusive luxury health club for a relaxing swim and pampering.

* Dining out with Deirdre for relaxation and fun – an important part of any effective transformational work.

“My intention is to continually share my wisdom as we spend this time together while you relax, enjoy, let go of past traumas, and release from old patterns, stories and limiting beliefs.” – Deirdre Maguire

“Using everything I have learned to transform my life, I will challenge you to go beyond the limiting ideas you have of yourself, so that you will experience a future of freedom and infinite possibilities.” – Deirdre Maguire

Antoinette’s Experience of the Intensive Transformation Retreat

Antoinette Lincoln, originally from London and now living in Italy, wanted to resolve several different issues in her life. She had already used FasterEFT, and had had sessions with practitioners in the past. These sessions had given her some great results; but there were still certain challenges she needed help with. Antoinette realised that what she needed was to fully commit to her transformation with intensive, expert help and guidance.

Here is Antoinette’s experience with Deirdre, in her own words:

“It’s been a very revealing couple of days, and I’ve realised things I hadn’t realised before. I discovered FasterEFT less than a year ago when I found the videos on YouTube. I was looking for a method to get rid of the underlying problems of being overweight and smoking.

“I’d had a session with a practitioner before, and we had changed one memory about my father. But there was a lot more. After working with Deirdre for these three days, I now see my father in a completely different light. I’m finally at peace with both my mother and father, and with other key people in my life.

“The actual experience of working with her one-on-one has been absolutely wonderful and I had some big breakthroughs. We worked on everything that I felt was important to work on. All the weight I’ve been carrying around with me has now been lifted. Deirdre has been wonderful. It’s easy to be with her; and when you get down to work, you get down to work. We did some great work! You feel very safe. She knows her stuff, and she’s got her own slant on things but it seems to be all encompassing somehow. She’s done all the work on herself. I wouldn’t go to anyone who hasn’t done the work on themselves. You can trust and feel safe.”

view from bathThe Accommodation

“Deirdre’s house is wonderful, and it’s like being in the lap of luxury. You feel looked after. She has a beautiful garden, overlooking the mountains, with wild birds that visit the bird bath in the afternoon. Really relaxing. She also took me to her hotel-come-spa on the sea-front for a swim.”


“The highlight of the three days for me, is the awareness that I am free. I really do feel like I love myself now, and I’m at peace. I’m feeling confident leaving now to go off into the real world.”


“It was well worth the investment of time and money – I don’t think you can put a price on something so valuable. I would recommend it, definitely.”

What others have to say

“I am really enjoying being me like never before! I am more playful and lighter and it’s so wonderful I love this in me! And I love I am noticing it more in myself”

Jennie from London

“Personally I think everyone needs to be Deirdre’d and what better way to do it than in Deirdre’s backyard!.. backdropped in majestic natural world of the Mourne Mountains in Ireland”

Arlene from Limavady

“It was bloody brilliant !”

Are You Ready to Get What You Want?

If you’re ready to get rid of the underlying causes of the problems you’re experiencing in any area of your life, for the rest of the “house of cards” to collapse; and you’re willing to do what it takes to finally create the life you desire, book your  Intensive Transformation Experience with Master Practitioner and Mind Wellness Expert, Deirdre Maguire here:

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