I am a Stress Relief Expert, Life Coach, and Master Change Agent.
I specialize in facilitating transformation at the deepest level, by maximizing my expertise in the latest cutting edge techniques.
At the forefront of healing, I have worked around the world as a speaker, trainer and Master Practitioner.

I show people how to finally take control, take charge and put themselves in the driver’s seat of their lives.
As the title of my up coming book confirms
“Secrets of a Faster Master. Your Search is Over”.

My hunger for personal healing has taken me from total unmanageability where I have experienced or been witness to the pain of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, eating disorder, alcoholism, cancer and even suicide,
to a life of Personal Power and Inner Peace.
I started at my kitchen table in County Down in Northern Ireland.
Today I work with clients all over the world.

I facilitate the elimination of stress
from depression, anxiety, fears, phobias,
drug, food and alcohol addiction,
death by suicide and general grief and loss.

Many people claim I have the formula for happiness. Clients report I have transformed their lives. I say I’m good at it is because I first had to transform my own.

My reputation is of compassionate honesty and reliable sincerity.
My passion is to serve.
My promise is my pledge to help others heal.

Peace always,

Deirdre Photo
“Awareness, like the first tentative step of a child, is the fundamental foothold on the journey to my Joy”

Deirdre Maguire
‘Minute Manuscripts of Wonderment’