The Precious Present (aka The Gift of the Now)

This piece is so precious to me because it was written when my dare to dream aspirations were of becoming a life coach.

At this point I was still working full time in my family furniture retail business. This work was written for (and paid by!) my local newspaper, which was such a source of pride for me. So afraid of writing at all, this work represented stepping up to all the fears and going for it – Little did I know that FasterEFT was just around the corner and my whole life was about to change…

So what ever your dreams are – Do not give up a minute before the miracle – Dare to dream and tap away any fears


In this the month of gratitude I feel so blessed for all that’s great in my life-both the joys and the challenges. I offer this article with humble gratitude. I trust you will enjoy the powerful message it carries

Peace always Deirdre x

Dec 2008 The Precious Present

This week I want to let you in on some of the secrets of good coaching. And then as the festive season approaches I will give you a wonderful gift!

Has that got your attention?

Good! Let’s get started!

The first secret to good coaching is powerful questioning and the second secret is that you the

client have all your own answers within you. Unlike the doctor who diagnoses and prescribes, a good coach elicits your own answers from you for you. It is your own sound solutions, which will drive you forward towards your goal.

And so on to a powerful question for you in this, the festive season …

Imagine you waken up on Christmas morning and Santa has left you everything to make you happy.

How would you know?

What would you see?

What would you hear?

What would you feel?

These questions are the cornerstone of good coaching.

What would happiness look like in your life?

What do you really really want for Christmas?

Statistics have proven that people who write things down achieve significantly more success than those who don’t. It’s all to do with sending a message to your subconscious. Once that deeper part of your mind gets your “list”, providence moves and circumstances and coincidences start to present themselves. Believe me; I have witnessed this both in my own life and in the lives of my clients.

And now to my gift to you. It is a precious present. It is the gift of time. One of the most influential sayings to have affected me recently was one I heard while waiting for a taxi in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While I grew impatient my Thai friend smiled and said,

“ We in the east got the time. You in the west got the watches. “

Well maybe in these times of uncertainty the “watches” are being taken from us, but then again maybe this is an opportunity to receive the precious gift of time.

Time is priceless and free.

It is a gift.

That’s why it’s called the ”Present.”

Give yourself the gift of time. Turn off the T.V.

Start to give time to how you would like your life to be. Really begin to commit to this.

Write it down. Go back to it. Change and amend it. Watch your life will improve. Awareness of the immense value of this exercise is my gift to you. Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Make a decision that it will be a good one and watch the peace unfold …

Deirdre x

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