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Eric B. Robins, MD



“Deirdre Maguire is a world class FasterEFT expert. She understands the teachings at their deepest level. She has done her own work, and now works with clients from all around the world. I have spoken with a number of them who have raved about her skills, her compassion, her commitment, and her ability to get to the root of the issue quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend her as a teacher and coach.”

Eric B. Robins, MD.

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Jeff Nash



My name is Jeff Nash, former drug addict for many years. I was offered an opportunity to work with Deirdre to help me overcome some of the baggage associated with 14 years of heroin addiction. Having worked with traditional EFT practitioners, I wasn’t expecting very much. Although I had maintained complete abstinence for nearly 16 years, the love for the drug never left me. There were so many references that freedom from the feelings seemed impossible. Although I had managed to tough it out and create a good life for myself, I still had a hard time when I would see a syringe. I felt sick at my stomach and cringed in fear.

Deirdre took the time to explain why it was important to change my internal reference so that those feeling could never be triggered again. I must admit I was very skeptical. I arrived for a one on one session with an open mind. I immediately noticed that Deirdre had a gift for quickly building rapport. I felt comfortable being honest with her.

After the initial intake she began to work her magic. She told me to go ahead and feel it for the last time. To my surprise, she produced a syringe, a spoon and a lighter and placed them on the table. My body reacted and she started leading me through the ritual of using drugs. There were so many references, feelings, and memories after years of drug use. Drugs were my best friend through so many hard times. It was always there, doing what is was supposed to do. Heroin had be the only thing dependable in my life. After about an hour I realized that my body was no longer reacting to the syringe. I couldn’t even bring the memories back into focus. By the end of the second hour I was astonished. Not only was it gone, but I could actually pick up the needle and play with it without even a hint of reaction. It seemed to good to be true. Surely this is only temporary! It’ll come back a few days from now! It didn’t.

That two hours session was nearly 4 years ago. Never again has my body responded the same way again. I’ve seen people using drugs a few times since then but somehow it just not the same anymore. There is no sick stomach or sweaty palms. Its all just gone!

To say that this was a life changing event would be an understatement. Deirdre cleared my mind of a lifetime of garbage in just two hours. I have continued to do sessions with her through the years on various other subjects and she seems to always know exactly what to do.

I would recommend Ms. Maguire without hesitation for anyone dealing with any issue that causes unwanted emotions. From addiction, grief and loss, relationships, or anger issues, she has helped me with them all. She has become the “go to” person in my life when I need help. I am always astonished at how quickly she can have me feeling better.

Jeff Nash.

Jonah Robins



Deirdre Maguire has changed my life in more ways than I can possibly begin to explain. As a mentor and a friend she has truly inspired me to not only become a better FasterEFT practitioner but to take my healing process personally and improve as a man. Her skills are impeccable and she is truly the best in the business. With a busy travel schedule and a worldwide clientele basis of my own I am very selective with who I let work on me because I want to truly benefit from my healing work. Deirdre without a doubt is whom I go to, to help pull me out of my funks. Having witnessed her own personal transformation, this woman truly walks her talk and puts into practice daily what she instructs her clients to do. If you are suffering from emotional pain or are stuck in a rut Deirdre Maguire will change you life. She is a FasterEFT Master in every sense of the word and she has saved my life. Thank you Deirdre, I am forever grateful for your friendship and your masterful craft.

I love you very much,

Jonah Robins.

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Michel Wozniak



“Before deciding to work with Deirdre I was…
having personal problems that I couldn’t solve with any other healing modality. I was angry inside and it was really disturbing my everyday life. I felt really frustrated not to be able to deal with that by myself.

“During my sessions with Deirdre I…
decided to really let go. It was very easy for me to trust Deirdre, unlike many other practitioners I worked with. Deirdre was very sharp in everything she was saying, really to the point and extremely efficient. I remember that it took her only a few minutes to get to a very deep node I had in me. And only a few more minutes to get rid of it.

“After working with Deirdre…
I felt really shaken during a few days. As if a great mess inside of my head was getting reorganized and cleaned. I really felt as if the session was continuing to have growing effects. Like a king of virtuous circle. Amazingly, I felt the biggest shift a few weeks after the session, and I really knew inside of me that it was totally connected to the session.

What I would tell anyone who’s thinking of working with Deirdre is …
go for it! It’s one thing to invest in a new washing machine or new kitchen chairs, but it’s so much more important to invest in yourself.

Thank you


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Cheryl Keates, PCC



Deirdre Maguire is one of the most gifted practitioners on this planet. She is my FasterEFT Practitioner, my FasterEFT Mentor and has become a dear friend. Deirdre brings her heart and soul to every single session, workshop and personal encounter and operates with integrity, compassion and a true genuine spirit.

It was after having 3 sessions with Deirdre that I knew that I wanted to learn this cutting edge modality. As a Life Coach, I was searching for tools that could help my clients who were really stuck and after having experienced this work myself, I knew that FasterEFT was the answer. And it certainly was. My whole life has changed for the better. My business is thriving, I have made peace with the present and the past and I continue to do my own work in order to bring my best self to life every day.

Through the course of my sessions with Deirdre, I have been able to work through the layers of grief that I thought I had dealt with in more traditional therapies. Exactly one year ago I went to Deirdre with the request to get rid of a reoccurring feeling that I had experienced for a long as I can remember. I didn’t know what it was or what it meant but I knew that I couldn’t stand the way it made me feel and that I never wanted to feel it again. In just one two-hour session we were able to get to the root of what was causing the problem and the negative beliefs that were driving the feeling. It’s been over a year now and I have never felt that feeling again. Having spent years trying to conquer this I was amazed at how powerful that one session was and how it has changed the direction of my life. An incredibly low investment for the price of freedom and I am eternally grateful.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Deirdre. She has a powerful set of skills that she brings to each and every session, she definitely walks the talk and does her own work and it is for this reason alone that I trust her to support me in my healing. I am so very grateful for her love, support and generosity. If you work with Deirdre she will set you free!

Cheryl Keates

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Tiffany Jeffers


Before working with the lovely Deirdre Maguire, as a Practitioner, I was insecure, talking too much and slooooow overall. I was unsure of myself and had a difficult time focusing on the subconscious mind, sometimes dealing with the conscious mind.

During my training with Deirdre, I had an aha moment, where she guided me in and out of the session very quickly, focusing on the subconscious mind! It was very helpful, as I was getting lost easily in my sessions, sometimes wanting to give my client advice, as if it was talk therapy. But I learned from Deirdre, at an even greater level, that we are working with the subconscious mind and we can plug away quickly, do our introduction, get our intake, integrate beautifully, helping them to make peace with those in their memories and getting faster results this way!

After working with Deirdre, I have worked faster with my clients and gotten much better results!!! I am much more compassionate and have endless amounts of vision for my clients! I am also operating from a spiritual depth within me, that I had not thought possible, and am able to really investigate better and help my client come out even more victorious, on the other side! If someone is looking into getting mentoring from Deirdre, I would highly recommend her as one of the best trained FasterEFT Practitioners in the world! She is knowledgeable, wise, has spiritual depth and is a natural teacher who loves deeply, both her clients and fellow practitioners! The information that you will walk away with will completely change your sessions and ultimately, will change your clients lives!

I love you Deirdre Maguire, you are not only my friend, but one of the most inspiring people that I have ever met!

Much love,

Tiffany Jeffers.

Phyllis McDonald Mattie


“Before deciding to work with Deirdre, I remember experiencing an underlying sadness that seemed to plague me on a daily basis. Even during so called “happy times”, it was there. During my crossfire session with Deirdre, I was able to address some memories that I had deeply buried and had never told anyone. That was big for me. The session was mind boggling and I was amazed how many memories she was able to deal with in just one session. Afterward, I felt so much lighter and happier, like a weight hade been lifted. If anyone is thinking of working with Deirdre, I would highly recommend it. She is extremely skilled, confident and non judgemental. I felt totally comfortable and safe in her care.”

Phyllis McDonald Mattie.

“The challenge is to see through the darkness, To know for sure that the highest caliber of confidence can only come from there. ”

Deirdre Maguire
‘Minute Manuscripts of Wonderment’

Robin Y



“Before deciding to work with Deirdre I was… Frustrated, insecure, closed minded and walked around as if the world revolved around me.

“During my sessions with Deirdre I… went through emotional ups and downs, reluctant to completely expose the issues that held me back from progressing in life. Only when I finally let everthing go and trusted her teachings did I finally start to understand more about myself and the way I think.

”After working with Deirdre… it was like a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders and everything became clear. It made a huge impact on my outlook toward work, my relationships with others and most of all, toward myself. It helped me recognize my self worth. It helped me to release and let go of what was hindering every moment of my life.

What I would tell anyone who’s thinking of working with Deirdre is … There is nothing to loose and so much to gain. Don’t let fear dictate you decision or prevent you from learning something new; something that will set you mind, body and spirit free!

Robin Y.