Before working with the lovely Deirdre Maguire, as a Practitioner, I was insecure, talking too much and slooooow overall. I was unsure of myself and had a difficult time focusing on the subconscious mind, sometimes dealing with the conscious mind.

After working with Deirdre, I have worked faster with my clients and gotten much better results!!! I am much more compassionate and have endless amounts of vision for my clients! I am also operating from a spiritual depth within me, that I had not thought possible, and am able to really investigate better and help my client come out even more victorious, on the other side!

If someone is looking into getting mentoring from Deirdre, I would highly recommend her as one of the best trained Practitioners in the world! She is knowledgeable, wise, has spiritual depth and is a natural teacher who loves deeply, both her clients and fellow practitioners! The information that you will walk away with will completely change your sessions and ultimately, will change your clients lives!

I love you Deirdre Maguire, you are not only my friend, but one of the most inspiring people that I have ever met!

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