Who Am I

I am Deirdre Maguire, a World Class Mind Wellness Expert, Author, and speaker.
Through effective, cutting-edge transformational work, my clients see, then change their patterns of thinking so they can manage their emotions, and practice daily optimal living both personally and professionally.
I have the proof because I am the proof. My personal journey became my professional passion and today I’ve never been older, fitter or happier because I know happiness and effective living is a skill.

Academic Qualifications

B.A. (Hons) Education
Certified Life and Business Coach (European Coaching Institute)
Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Life Training Richard Bandler)
Level 2 Certificate initial Counselling Skills (CPCAB)
Certified Master Practitioner Faster Emotionally Focussed Transformation (Skills to Change Institute)
Keynote Speaker and Presenter

Key Personal Qualifications

approachable, personable, friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, empathetic, fun, patient, kind, experience.

Over past 15 years I have worked with 1000s of 1-1 clients locally and internationally. I have delivered workshops in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, U.S.A and Canada.

1. Why this work is important

Mental health and the workplace.

The outer game and the inner game. The World Health Organisation reports indicate that the emotional fallout from lockdowns and social distancing is leading to a wave of psychological disorders. Building emotional intelligence and mental resilience into our professional and personal culture is now vital more than ever. Leaders invested in the development of emotional intelligence of their teams will reap sustained rewards. Well-supported employees work harder, work smarter, and repay that support in loyalty.

As a leader supporting your peoples’ wellbeing you will:

  • Reduce workplace stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Boost productivity and morale.
  • Attract and retain your best talent.
  • Reduce presenteeism.

What to expect

  • Greater clarity, competency, and communication in the workplace through comprehensive emotional intelligence outlay.
  • Professional reassurance.
  • Competent decision making.
  • Optimal leadership.

What makes us all successful, whether in the personal environment, our community or professional workplace is our ability to:

  • Self-actualise,
  • Demonstrate empathy,
  • Be productive and contribute.

This work speaks to these key components.

2. What we do

Mindset Mastery

We provide interactive, challenging and transformational programmes that deliver measurable, developmental outcomes for you and your teams.

Participating in Mindset Mastery programs ensures your business and people have a comparative advantage.


3. How we deliver

  1. Lunch and Learn 1 hour Delivery
  2. Mindset Mastery 2-part Workshop 2x1 hour delivery
  3. Mindset Mastery 4-week programme 4x1hour delivery
  4. 5 hours to Freedom Executive Programme 5x1 hour delivery

1. Lunch and Learn 1 hour Delivery

An introductory presentation, this hour long is designed to illustrate the powerful dynamic of this cutting-edge work and to whet the sound strategy appetite.

This lively, interactive, and informative experience delivers both excellent value and also serves as an instructive, explanatory, and illuminating experience.
It is also a preview of our more comprehensive courses.

 Your staff /participants will understand

•    Why they get anxious stressed and how to stop it happening. 
•    The impact of their stress response on daily communication with colleagues and how to change that.
•     How they can take personal effective control in any challenge.

 Practical Takeaway

Participants will receive a comprehensive PDF takeaway illustrating effective, actionable, tools to start using immediately.

2. Mindset Mastery 2-part Workshop 2x1 hour delivery

Delivered in two 1-hour sessions, Mindset Mastery is designed to deliver confidence skills with cutting edge, science backed knowledge to support improved health and well-being. This is a dynamic, interactive, and informative experience.

Your staff/ participants will understand

  • Exactly how they are producing their current life results.
  • How they can take control so they can be more effective in their daily interactions.
  • Daily applicable communication strategies to implement immediately.
  • Mindset Models to improve their personal and professional efficiency.

They will take away powerfully effective, actionable tools which they can start using immediately.

Practical Takeaway

Participants will receive a comprehensive PDF workbook and reference guide illustrating effective, actionable, tools to start using immediately.

3. Mindset Mastery 4-week programme

Delivered one hour a week over 4 weeks

This power packed, transformational workshop is designed to leave your people/team feeling motivated inspired and confident.
Equipped with actionable proven strategies, they will be ready to move decisively towards their personal and professional and team goals.
They will have access to the latest cutting-edge tools so they can optimise and adjust the way they think to get the results they want and deserve.


Your staff/ participants will understand

•    How to identify disengagement and barriers to growth.
•    Where to go to find the root cause of what's not working and how to change it.
•    How to find their strengths and play to them.
•    How the mind-body system works for optimal function.
•     How to use effective strategies to solve any issue.

Practical Takeaway

Participants will receive a comprehensive PDF workbook and reference guide illustrating effective, actionable, tools to start using immediately.

4. 5 hours to Freedom Executive Programme

Delivered 1-1 one hour a week for 5 weeks.

This personalised, private, bespoke 1-1 programme is designed for optimal personal success and tailored to accurately meet the specific needs of the client.
It explores all the essential areas to advance the individual’s defined skill set and expand core competency. 

In a world where executive leadership can sometimes be a lonely and uncertain place, having your coach on your side to bounce ideas with can be invaluable.


Your staff/ participants will understand

  • Exactly what you need to know for optimal personal performance. 
  • How to maximise your daily experience of your professional life. 
  • How to hone your personal leadership qualities.
  • How to get to the next level in terms of personal development for the benefit of yourself and your organisation.
  • How capitalize on key areas of your strengths, such as your communication and leadership skills.

Delivery style

All our courses can be delivered either online or in person according to whatever works best for you and your business.
With the online option we can also provide you with a recording of the session for any staff unable to attend live.

Benefits to expect from this work

  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Higher levels of productivity.
  • Improved job performance.
  • Increased retention.